SkyAscend - The Original Self Climbing Truss


  • Each section is designed for form and function to mount drums, motors, shafts, and pantographs. The machinery is actually part of the truss.
  • Custom built modules of 18"x 12" box truss per ANSI E1.2-2012.
  • Imbedded connector strip frees truss space for the hanging of lighting equipment.
  • Cable drums are CNC helically grooved with twin-helix that keeps the truss from walking end to end.
  • Cables have a breaking strength of 7,000 LBS each.
  • Premium helical gearmotors with fail-safe disk brakes. Drums are connected by solid shafting with heavy duty self-aligning couplings.
  • Pantographs elegantly and neatly provide electrical and data management. The five-compartment extrusion features room for lighting circuits, ground, motor and control, DMX, and NET cables. Up to 24 circuits at 20 amps can be accommodated.  Motor control cables are equipped with plug and play connectors.


  • Revolutionizes access to fixtures and equipment.
  • Lowers machinery to the floor for easy visual inspection
  • Lateral load on building structure is eliminated
  • Pantograph and truss can rise significantly closer to the ceiling
  • Requires minimal access above ceiling for installation
  • Able to span great distances between lift points
  • Provides solid attachment for moving fixtures


This chart shows the most common varieties traveling at 22FPM and the relationship of the design factors.  All SC1812Z's have a travel distance of 35 feet.  Motor power is available in 208 and 480 volts.  International voltages of 220v, 380v, 415v 50hz are available.

Custom variations of length are our specialty.  Custom sizes and shapes of truss are available to meet any venue's needs.

Series SC1812Zx24-2D SC182Zx30-2D SC1812Zx42-3D SC1812Zx60-4D
Length, Range 20 - 22 - 24 FT 30 FT 38 - 40- 42 FT 56- 58 -60 FT
Lift Line Centers 14 - 16 -18 FT 20 FT 14 - 16 - 18 FT 14 - 16 - 18 FT
Gross Lifting Load 1,600 LBS 2,000 LBS 2,500 LBS 3,200 LBS
Live Load 800 LBS 1,000 LBS 1,250 LBS 1,500 LBS
Speed 22 FPM 22 FPM 22 FPM 20 FPM
Motor 2 @ 3/4 HP 2 @ 3/4 HP 2 @ 1 HP 2 @ 1-1/2 HP
Lift Cables 1/4" 2 Pair 2 Pair 3 Pair 4 Pair
Travel 35 FT 35 FT 35 FT 35 FT


The Light Cage is perfect for all gymnasium and sport applications. It encloses the mechanics of the SkyAscend which protects the fixtures and the mechanics from any flying sport balls. It is a simple innovation that is an amazingly smart design.


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